About Our Vacuums

We have two high powered vacuums for DIY use and they are emptied daily to ensure they are always working at their optimum.

Select either turbo Vac or Super Vac.

How to use

Open doors of vehicle and remove floor mats.

Select Turbo Vac 1 minute 30 seconds or Super Vac 3 minutes.

Payment options – Cash – $1 start, accepts $1 & $2 coins only-No change given.  

Credit Card – Tap and go credit card facilities are located on the machine, hold the credit card against card reader till you have all 4 green lights on reader light up. A pre authorisation for $10 is completed and the wash will start at $2 minimum charge and then add $1 at a time as required up to $10. Important **Ensure you hold down the stop button on the card reader so that the 4 green lights light up when you are finished. The card will stop being charged at this point and the vacuum will continue to run until the time that has been paid for runs out NB credit card attracts a $0.25 cent surcharge.

Vacuum vehicle to your satisfaction.