Touch Free Wash Options


Soft Touch Wash Options


  1. Pull into Auto Wash drive way and stop at payment station.
  2. Select desired wash.
  3. Choose form of payment;
  • Cash – $20, $10, $5 or $1 or $2 coins accepted and change will be given as required.
  • Credit Card – Hold card on face of tap and go reader and the four green lights with light up.
  • Tax invoice available – watch the screen once your payment has been processed and select the button as indicated.
  1. Enter slowly as under body wash (on selected washes) will start, drive forward slowly.
  2. Drive forward until the green arrow inside the wash bay turns to a red cross, the machine will beep to acknowledge you are in the correct position and door will come down (touch free).
  3. Put vehicle into park and apply handbrake. You may keep the car running if you wish.
  4. Door will come up (touch free) once wash is finished, drive out slowly.
  • Fully Lower ridged exterior aerials, fittings such as roof racks, visors, side mirrors, headlight/bonnet protectors, wheel covers, badges, vehicles should not enter the wash unless securely attached.
  • Vehicles with body damage, sun affected/poor quality paint, loose chrome, pin stripes/graphics, or non-standard accessories, i.e. bike racks etc. use the wash at own risk.
  • Trade vehicles with pipe or ladder racks must use the Laser touch free wash.
  • Vehicles with extending objects i.e. ladders, piping etc must not use either wash.
  • Once wash commences remain in the vehicle with the windows up at all times.
  • No general entry to wash bay area – Authorised personnel only.
  • When staff are preparing your car prior to entering the wash the car must be in park with handbrake applied or for manual transmission vehicles in neutral with handbrake applied.
  • While care is taken at all times, Prowash 242 does not accept responsibility for damage or injury caused to anyone or their property from using this facility.
  • Maximum height of vehicle 2,100 mm.